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From the realization of powered flight by an obscure Bavarian emigrant
to the weapons of aerial destruction used by Richthofen's flying circus,
this project attempts to archive vintage photographs of flying machines
flown before and during the first two decades of the 20th century.

The collection currently contains 5137 downloadable images :

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"We do not consider that aeroplanes will be of any possible use for war purposes"

Richard Haldane, British Secretary of State for War, 1910

Aeroplanes and Airships before 1920
Breguet's Pre-1914 Aircraft Challenge
Commentary and confirmed identifications of aerial oddities and pioneering flying machines built before World War I
Guido Scheffer Collection
submitted by Ken Hemmerling
Early Airships
submitted by Jean-Pierre Lauwers
Stettler Aeronautical Collection
submitted by Dick Stettler
German Estate Photos
submitted by Paul J. Fisher
Willy Walsh Collection
submitted by Clarke Taylor
Robert Eyb ~ Early Austrian Aviator
submitted by Mike Fithian
Charles Eaton Collection
submitted by Mitch Williamson
Automobiles of an American Aeronaut
submitted by Roy Knabenshue
Madame Driancourt ~ Pioneer Aviatrix
submitted by Régis Gatineau
Gustav Tweer ~ Pioneer Aviator
submitted by Martin Frauenheim
Breguet's Aircraft Challenge
Photos of aircraft 1914-1918

An epic rencontre of perception against recognition
contending all crates, kites and cloud busters
flown during the years of the Great War.
Breguet's Crash Files
Photos of crashed aircraft 1914-1918

Flamed, fallen or otherwise made unserviceable – disasters and
mishaps challenging the very definition of “beyond recognition”
are analogized and classified by dedicated WWI crashologists.





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Special thanks to: Peter Leonard & Tom Anderson for their help in identifying numerous aircraft,
Trevor Henshaw for his identification of several British casualty images,

Mike Westrop for his invaluable knowledge of Sopwith Triplanes and the RNAS,
Lt. Dwight Rudder, Jerry "Uhlan" Todd and reproduction builder Wayne Whitaker for explaining the
identifiers of the various Nieuports, Jean-Pierre Lauwers for sharing his expertise of lighter-than-air,
Dan-San Abbott for his encyclopaedic comprehension of WWI German aircraft,

and Albert Mees, Jan Zahalka, Gaston Graf, Brian Kehew, LNJr, Pranha, Tobias Gibson,
Paul Mirich, Steve Drew and Jean-Marie Piquart for their terrific contributions.

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